MOMO Sushi Japanese Restaurant-review

23 03 2012

thursdays and fridays are my usual days off from school. yesterday was a pretty much normal chill out day. i was over at a friend’s house, watching Man Vs. Food on the travel network. seriously, that show is not what you want to watch when you’re on a diet. Adam Richmond has his ways of making your mouth water whenever watching him eat. the episode we watched yesterday was about the ramen challenge at orochan ramen place over at LA. my friend and i were just like “now i want some ramen!” we googled the shit out of the best ramen places around corona. we then found MOMO’s. it was about 7 minutes away, and so we decided to give it a try.

i know trying out a new place is scary. you’ll never know what to expect. the place wasn’t so big, but it felt homey. nice wooden tables, chairs and detailing. service was wonderful! there was an all you can eat bar, but we didnt go for that cause we only had an hour to eat. since my friend had to run some errands. it was actually my friend’s first time trying ramen, so i was hoping it would be good. i ordered, the mild-spicy beef ramen without the vegetables, and he ordered the spicy shrimp with everything on it. the server was really nice, tho her English was a little hard to understand.

food was served in like 20 minutes, and i’m glad they serve it on medium sized bowls and that it was packed with noodles. seriously, nobody wants a super soupy ramen. i knew it was going to be good because it smelt delicious! and it was! i have never had ramen this good before. price and quantity was pretty reasonable for $10. i would pay $20 for ramen this good! ๐Ÿ™‚

so overall, it was one of the best ramen experiences i’ve had. ๐Ÿ™‚
give it a try! MOMO Sushi Japanese Restaurant is located at :

1511 Rimpau Ave
Ste 102
Corona, CA 92881

contact number: (951) 280-0500

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21 03 2012

I know its been awhile since I posted something about well, anything. I’m here writing in sheer utter disbelief on people not realizing why there is malnutrition, poverty, injustice and other evils in the world. The answer was their all their lives, it starts at childhood. People think of themselves so much that they were raised in a sheltered home, eyes closed to the harsh realities of life. These are the kind of people who, when thrown into the real world, attempt to recreate their previous lives in comfort and luxury at the cost of a decent person’s living.

Of course, they complain, they become essentially leeches to their poor host. The host in a sense, the world, would obviously grow even worse while the leeches contemplate on which self-destructive pleasure they should indulge in next. They will instinctively close their senses and pursue their daily activities while ignoring the suffering of the world. If they do attempt to help however, it is because of the hunger for good attention. The positive feed that they receive from doing something short lived and will be “beneficial” for the good of the world (even though there is no benefit for others.) Yes, this does apply to Kony 2012.

Life is of course filled with people who you can say are “different,” but in a sense, everyone around you who can read this, even you, are selfish, self-entitled sentient apes who only ย wish to fulfill their ideological ideals without thinking of the future generations and the ones who are around you. As a person knowing this from experience, has taught me that even though we were born from luxury, we can turn ourselves into a respectable being that has actual worth to be called “Human.”

Now, for all the other pampered brats out there who have made no attempt to change however,




(P.s. Janna is busy I heard, thats why she cannot draft out a blog at the moment.)

And thanks for the views guys, your criticism is always respectable.

F*** I forgot to make a post.

8 01 2012

Okay, I told myself I would make a blog entry for New Years but I was so food drunk, that I forgot about it… For a week.. So here I am now typing this post and its all about what I feel about my previous perspectives and stereotypes about the culture of the Western Hemisphere.

When I first rode the plane towards here, all my thoughts were that:

“Premarital Sex? Probably rampant over there.”

“School’s gonna be harder because Blah Blah Blah.”

“Making Friends are a lot easier and shit.”

Now, I was shocked because all of these stereotypes were wrong. Really Fucking Wrong.

First of all, teens here are more liberal of sex but when I entered school, I thought about it:

“What the Fuck is the difference with our country?”

I meant sex here is pretty much sex, not much of a difference but its the courtship (Or lack of it) that is the major deal. I mean its either really SHORT or DOESN’T exist. I mean there’s still the same shit drama cycle ย but only shorter.

School is easier, albeit harder to maintain. I am a regular B student and all my C’s require only a few marks to turn into B’s. English is definitely much more difficult here though. My English in the Philippines were always A’s but here its my lowest grade yet; a C.

Making friends here is the opposite of what I thought though. Its slightly more difficult due to the multicultural races living here. Yes, I do admit I’m racist but that doesn’t interfere with my logical and humane way of talking to others. (I’M A FUCKING HYPOCRITE AND I LOVE IT.)

Anyways, I totally lost hope for the girl I talked about a few posts earlier. I just don’t have any more enough fucks to hand out. Hope you guys had a great holiday. It was my first here. I’m Hemisphericly Deflowered FTW.

Later Faggots โ™ฅ



19 12 2011

hi guys! it has been forever since the last time i’ve posted something on this blog. well, first off, i have been extremely busy with school! one more year, and i’ll be graduating! :)) believe me, being a student nurse is one of the hardest things to do, but its self-gratifying. ๐Ÿ™‚ im so sorry. i feel like i’ve neglected this blog. i’ve been trying(believe me, i did) to squeeze in some time to at least make one post for this page but, like i said, school work, and my beauty blog ate all my time. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ its not that im picking favourites here, but i just had more shit to say over at the other one. (no, really, i get paid more $ over there. JK). so i have two months worth of blog posts to put up here..which i’ll be doing tomorrow. since its like 12am and im fucking tired! it was my last day of clinicals this year, and at that facility. i don’t know, i used to enjoy working but today was just a drag for me. it felt surreal. maybe because my best buddy wasn’t there? i dont know. i didnt like this day that much. it was a pretty normal-blood.pressure-raising day. like as always.

seriously tho, i have soooooo many things i’d like to talk about. but i am just too sleepy to make at least one good post, so i’m saving all my ideas for tomorrow. don’t worry, i promise ๐Ÿ˜€ i am even half asleep typing this right now. gaahd. okay. i’m done. i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow! ๐Ÿ˜€


xoxo, shang


Night jobs + Bad manager = BAD JOB

11 10 2011

Ok so I know a few of you readers prolly have a job or at least had one. I’m up for work, I mean any sort of income would help right now. Roger’s arena was were I was working and I went with a few pals too. Well, the other day my first job was the one of the greatest times I had.. Except for the idiots who can’t clean for shit and the manager was a total prick and ruined everything.

We had to do 8 hours of work and there were other shitheads who didn’t do actual shit and left the damn place even worse than its previous state. There were girls no older than us just talking and sitting.

Like those dumb bitches would have done equal work.

That was fine but the fucked up part was after we cleaned the entire top arena, the manager wanted us to do it again. LIKE WTF?

We cleaned everywhere we had to and we had to circle the whole damn thing, mopping and sweeping 3 times. We started at 11pm, finished at 4am then he made us reclean up to 7am. Why would we mop the same place 3 times? Because the manager can’t see how hard we worked ourselves and thinks we lack everything.


To make things worse, we were his “FAVORITES” and when I mean favorites, he picks only our group and made us shit our pants “checking” the whole damn stadium after everyone was done. We had to pick up shit left by other “volunteers” and were left for dead to attempt to stay awake.

After this experience, we better be paid more than the other shitholes who didn’t do anything.


16 09 2011

So yeah school’s been going on for about 1 and a half week already. I’ve taken a liking to my schedule and gotten a new batch of friends.
I have taken a liking to a lot of girls around at school but a certain one really does stand out.

First of all, she’s damn cute and has a FIIIIINNNEEE body.

Second, I think she has the most hypnotizing eyes.


Destiny? Hope so.

Love? Prolly not.

Something that can relieve stress?


Laters, Chang.

Schooling in CANADA

8 09 2011

Hey guys, sorry didn’t post for awhile but ย it was pretty hectic. Yeah so I’ve started school yesterday. I have to say, schooling in Canada is complex but the teachers are fun though. Most are very entertaining and well mannered.

Seems that the rules aren’t that uptight as in the Philippines (well most teachers). And I have to say, I really like my new History teacher because he still remembers what it means to be a student (CELLPHONES IN CLASS FTW.) I got confused by my schedule though.

I don’t exactly know all my classmates though but they all seem fun. I have a ton of new Filipino friends already so it doesn’t seem that bad. We all hang out in a little corner pocket at the Student lounge area and usually just hang out for a bit.

I hope my school year here is gonna be a ton of fun.

Laters, Chang.