Night jobs + Bad manager = BAD JOB

11 10 2011

Ok so I know a few of you readers prolly have a job or at least had one. I’m up for work, I mean any sort of income would help right now. Roger’s arena was were I was working and I went with a few pals too. Well, the other day my first job was the one of the greatest times I had.. Except for the idiots who can’t clean for shit and the manager was a total prick and ruined everything.

We had to do 8 hours of work and there were other shitheads who didn’t do actual shit and left the damn place even worse than its previous state. There were girls no older than us just talking and sitting.

Like those dumb bitches would have done equal work.

That was fine but the fucked up part was after we cleaned the entire top arena, the manager wanted us to do it again. LIKE WTF?

We cleaned everywhere we had to and we had to circle the whole damn thing, mopping and sweeping 3 times. We started at 11pm, finished at 4am then he made us reclean up to 7am. Why would we mop the same place 3 times? Because the manager can’t see how hard we worked ourselves and thinks we lack everything.


To make things worse, we were his “FAVORITES” and when I mean favorites, he picks only our group and made us shit our pants “checking” the whole damn stadium after everyone was done. We had to pick up shit left by other “volunteers” and were left for dead to attempt to stay awake.

After this experience, we better be paid more than the other shitholes who didn’t do anything.




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