19 12 2011

hi guys! it has been forever since the last time i’ve posted something on this blog. well, first off, i have been extremely busy with school! one more year, and i’ll be graduating! :)) believe me, being a student nurse is one of the hardest things to do, but its self-gratifying. 🙂 im so sorry. i feel like i’ve neglected this blog. i’ve been trying(believe me, i did) to squeeze in some time to at least make one post for this page but, like i said, school work, and my beauty blog ate all my time. 😦 its not that im picking favourites here, but i just had more shit to say over at the other one. (no, really, i get paid more $ over there. JK). so i have two months worth of blog posts to put up here..which i’ll be doing tomorrow. since its like 12am and im fucking tired! it was my last day of clinicals this year, and at that facility. i don’t know, i used to enjoy working but today was just a drag for me. it felt surreal. maybe because my best buddy wasn’t there? i dont know. i didnt like this day that much. it was a pretty normal-blood.pressure-raising day. like as always.

seriously tho, i have soooooo many things i’d like to talk about. but i am just too sleepy to make at least one good post, so i’m saving all my ideas for tomorrow. don’t worry, i promise 😀 i am even half asleep typing this right now. gaahd. okay. i’m done. i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow! 😀


xoxo, shang





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