F*** I forgot to make a post.

8 01 2012

Okay, I told myself I would make a blog entry for New Years but I was so food drunk, that I forgot about it… For a week.. So here I am now typing this post and its all about what I feel about my previous perspectives and stereotypes about the culture of the Western Hemisphere.

When I first rode the plane towards here, all my thoughts were that:

“Premarital Sex? Probably rampant over there.”

“School’s gonna be harder because Blah Blah Blah.”

“Making Friends are a lot easier and shit.”

Now, I was shocked because all of these stereotypes were wrong. Really Fucking Wrong.

First of all, teens here are more liberal of sex but when I entered school, I thought about it:

“What the Fuck is the difference with our country?”

I meant sex here is pretty much sex, not much of a difference but its the courtship (Or lack of it) that is the major deal. I mean its either really SHORT or DOESN’T exist. I mean there’s still the same shit drama cycle  but only shorter.

School is easier, albeit harder to maintain. I am a regular B student and all my C’s require only a few marks to turn into B’s. English is definitely much more difficult here though. My English in the Philippines were always A’s but here its my lowest grade yet; a C.

Making friends here is the opposite of what I thought though. Its slightly more difficult due to the multicultural races living here. Yes, I do admit I’m racist but that doesn’t interfere with my logical and humane way of talking to others. (I’M A FUCKING HYPOCRITE AND I LOVE IT.)

Anyways, I totally lost hope for the girl I talked about a few posts earlier. I just don’t have any more enough fucks to hand out. Hope you guys had a great holiday. It was my first here. I’m Hemisphericly Deflowered FTW.

Later Faggots ♥





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