21 03 2012

I know its been awhile since I posted something about well, anything. I’m here writing in sheer utter disbelief on people not realizing why there is malnutrition, poverty, injustice and other evils in the world. The answer was their all their lives, it starts at childhood. People think of themselves so much that they were raised in a sheltered home, eyes closed to the harsh realities of life. These are the kind of people who, when thrown into the real world, attempt to recreate their previous lives in comfort and luxury at the cost of a decent person’s living.

Of course, they complain, they become essentially leeches to their poor host. The host in a sense, the world, would obviously grow even worse while the leeches contemplate on which self-destructive pleasure they should indulge in next. They will instinctively close their senses and pursue their daily activities while ignoring the suffering of the world. If they do attempt to help however, it is because of the hunger for good attention. The positive feed that they receive from doing something short lived and will be “beneficial” for the good of the world (even though there is no benefit for others.) Yes, this does apply to Kony 2012.

Life is of course filled with people who you can say are “different,” but in a sense, everyone around you who can read this, even you, are selfish, self-entitled sentient apes who only  wish to fulfill their ideological ideals without thinking of the future generations and the ones who are around you. As a person knowing this from experience, has taught me that even though we were born from luxury, we can turn ourselves into a respectable being that has actual worth to be called “Human.”

Now, for all the other pampered brats out there who have made no attempt to change however,




(P.s. Janna is busy I heard, thats why she cannot draft out a blog at the moment.)

And thanks for the views guys, your criticism is always respectable.




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