MOMO Sushi Japanese Restaurant-review

23 03 2012

thursdays and fridays are my usual days off from school. yesterday was a pretty much normal chill out day. i was over at a friend’s house, watching Man Vs. Food on the travel network. seriously, that show is not what you want to watch when you’re on a diet. Adam Richmond has his ways of making your mouth water whenever watching him eat. the episode we watched yesterday was about the ramen challenge at orochan ramen place over at LA. my friend and i were just like “now i want some ramen!” we googled the shit out of the best ramen places around corona. we then found MOMO’s. it was about 7 minutes away, and so we decided to give it a try.

i know trying out a new place is scary. you’ll never know what to expect. the place wasn’t so big, but it felt homey. nice wooden tables, chairs and detailing. service was wonderful! there was an all you can eat bar, but we didnt go for that cause we only had an hour to eat. since my friend had to run some errands. it was actually my friend’s first time trying ramen, so i was hoping it would be good. i ordered, the mild-spicy beef ramen without the vegetables, and he ordered the spicy shrimp with everything on it. the server was really nice, tho her English was a little hard to understand.

food was served in like 20 minutes, and i’m glad they serve it on medium sized bowls and that it was packed with noodles. seriously, nobody wants a super soupy ramen. i knew it was going to be good because it smelt delicious! and it was! i have never had ramen this good before. price and quantity was pretty reasonable for $10. i would pay $20 for ramen this good! 🙂

so overall, it was one of the best ramen experiences i’ve had. 🙂
give it a try! MOMO Sushi Japanese Restaurant is located at :

1511 Rimpau Ave
Ste 102
Corona, CA 92881

contact number: (951) 280-0500

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