Never Sleep, Never Die (NSND)

28 08 2011

I climbed grouse mountain today. I must say, it was one of the most fucked up beautiful places I’ve seen in awhile. It was one of the hardest challenges thrown at me to date. I have to say though, I feel pretty damn good about myself climbing that gigantic piece of dirt. With steep steps, mosquitoes and goddamn fatigue at my heels, I was climbing slowly towards the top.


I was behind a few paces because I felt a surge of pain in my chest and knew I was having an asthma attack. When I was gonna lose all hope and just sit there, I saw the sign that read 1/2 mark.


I was couldn’t believe my eyes and with a sweaty brow, continued climbing towards the top knowing if I go back where I came from it would just be a waste of effort.


At every corner my legs were screaming at me and I had to rest every 10-15 seconds. Tearing and shouting just to release my tension and after 2 hours, when I reached the top, I wanted to scream but that would be embarrassing, I looked around seeing more of my peers looking as relieved as me when I climbed the final steep rock.


But one thing still eludes me though, my dad’s challenge was twice as damn hard and made my trek look like a damn walk in a park.


He climbed the legendary Mt. Apo in the Philippines. That mountain didn’t have steeps, guides and was just barren at the top. They had to climb down the way they came up. I was riding on a gondola which made me look like a queer.


I plan to climb again when I get the chance. If dad climbed a mountain, I’m climbing a mountain twice. I want to challenge what legacy my father left behind.


Laters. Chang


Ate Oranges and It was K

22 08 2011

Ok now moving on from doing ethnicity -related blogs this week, I’ve decided to write about something about a game I’m hooked on, namely League of Legends. LoL of course.

I grew up with DotA back in the Philippines, often played with my buddies on our free time (all the time.)

I love everything bout the game but I’m here to discuss a certain meme that made me LOL (no pun intended). Its about the champion Gangplank and his ability to cleanse stuns or snares by simply eating fruit, namely oranges which often made other champs look like chumps.


Malhazar ultsme
But I ate oranges and it was k

This lead to some very funny derivatives like:

My doctor told me I was allergic to oranges
but I ate oranges and it was K.

I just got heart burn from all the oranges I have been eating.
Then I ate some oranges and it was k. 

my doctor told me i would die if i ate another orange.
but i ate some oranges and it was k

Its a community meme so its really a way to make players have more fun in a sense of adding a lot of humor from the fans themselves into the game.

Whatevers, Chang

Heritage week? ROFL

21 08 2011

Seriously Janna?

Whatevs, here goes.

Since she told me to do this shizz for this week, I guess I’mma make it this week’s theme. Ahh Shizzguzzle.

So how many of you actually ask? like 5? 10? Seriously its on the “Meet the Authors” next to HOME. Anyways, I’m going to have make an in depth scope of this.

I am Chinese Filipino, born to a chinese mom and a pure blooded chinese father.

Last visit to my homeland? Like 4 months ago I guess?

Ethnic privileges? Guess it would be “driving like a filipino”

Where did I live back home? You stalker, its in DAVAO. But you won’t find me anyways, HUZZAH.

Can I speak chinese? Fuck yeah. Not dependable chinese though

Speak Filipino? Hindi. Di naman.

Eat rice? GFY

Good at math? I’m better at debating than cold math.

Whatevs, Mo4r posts to come.


Ethnicity tag. I am chinese/filipino/arab

20 08 2011

So we’ve been getting a lot of questions about our ethnicity(though we’ve already mentioned it a lot of times). So i’ve thought of answering the ethnicity tag questions 😉 its kinda short, but i will be Talking more about my heritage/ethnicity in my next blog posts 🙂 its a saturday today, heading to the beach in a while, but still am finishing a load of homework whilst waiting for my homies to pick me up. So enjoy!:)

1. What is your ethnicity?
– i am part everything lol. But since you’ve asked. Im chinese-filipino(cause im born in the Phils. So whatever)-arab. (: thanks,dad.

2. When was the last time you visited your country?
-the Philippines, About two years ago.

3. Name one ethnic food you enjoy the most?
– i seriously can’t choose just one! Lol. Sisig is on my top list:)

4. Name one household item that best represents your culture.
-magic sing. Lmao. Raised in the Philippines, gatherings are no fun without karaoke! 😉

5. What part of your country are you from?
-Davao 😉 second largest city in southeast asia. (if we base on land area. So yea)

6. Can you speak the language of your ethnicity?
-of course. Oo naman. Alangan! Shi! 🙂

Xoxo, shang ❤


16 08 2011

Its been a few weeks since college has started. And it isnt a tad bit of what i and every other freshman expected.

Whenever i hear “college, and university life”, my mind auto pictures out a group of teenagers partying, exchanging salivas, orgies, and all that crazy stuff i see on screen. But yikes! Really??? Reallllly? All me and my classmates did was study, read, and worry about our grades. Maybe because we’re asians? Mhhm or maybe we were too nerdy to get invites to “college parties”. Lol naah like seriously! I’ve dealt with two different classes with totally different people. But why hasn’t anyone thought of partying like me?

Xoxo, shangers

Musically Addicted

16 08 2011

I’ve noticed something with myself nowadays, I can’t imagine myself in a moment without music.

No, I’m not exaggerating. I’m deadly serious. Just a few seconds after I put down my head phones, I find myself going back in no time flat.
Even while typing this my headphones are on.. and loud. Music merged into me so much that every moment that I’m awake, I instinctively look for music.. Yes, even when I  bathe.

When my laptop is busy, I use my mom’s iphone, when her phone’s busy, I use my PSP. That’s the cycle of the day for me.

I hate not being to hear music. It feels like my mind is going mad, irritable, stressed and overall, BORED.

Those emotions are what bind me down and make me really unhappy. I can’t last more than a few hours without it.

When I hear that beat my mind goes into a state of blissful euphoria and I feel my blood rush through my body with such a marvellous uproar.

Music makes me breathe, laugh and live. It’s my unkillable addiction.

Laters, Chang.

Working with tab computers

15 08 2011

Im typing this on mom’s iphone. Trololo. Anyways got a new laptop today which is pretty good for half a week of not doing anything. I bought one specially for gaming and yeah, thats it.

And I lost my iphone blogging virginity today, lolololol.

Whatevuh, Chang.